Come Play “Would You Rather” With Selena Gomez And The Cast Of “Hotel Transylvania 3”

Selena Gomez: I think I’m gonna be single for the rest of my life, so… [laughs]

Kathryn Hahn: I could do the vampire thing. It sounds kind of sexy.

Andy Samberg: Never have pizza again. I don’t want to be a gargoyle!

KH: I don’t need to eat pizza, guys. I’m an undiagnosed lactose intolerant, so I think I can let go of the pizza anyway.

SG: I don’t know…

AS: You like pizza a lot?

SG: I do.

KH: What would you do as a gargoyle for 24 hours?

SG: I would love to not do anything for 24 hours…

Keegan-Michael Key: Is it a living gargoyle? Do I get to fly? If I get to fly, I’m in.

SG: I don’t think I’d want to live forever.

KK: If you could look like this forever [waves over Selena] — this is good, right? If you could do this forever, you wouldn’t do this forever?

SG: No, I can barely do it now. [Laughs]

AS: Vampires technically can be killed; stake through the heart.

KK: It’s just the summers! It’s just the three-to-four month break.

AS: Oh! One-hundred and fifty degrees!

KH: I’m glad we got to the bottom of this, guys.

SG: Thank goodness.

SG: Oh, that’s too much work to do this [lifts foot].

KK: Yeah, yeah. Nobody needs that big of quads.

AS: On eye on the bottom of my foot, no question.

SG: I don’t know. I’ll try all of the eyes.

KK: I’m going one on the bottom of the foot because otherwise, you’re just bumping into stuff. You’re getting jacked in your eyes all the time.

SG: Hmm.

AS: I’d say my most-recent ex, hands-down.

KH: Yeah, me too.

SG: Me too!

KH: Werewolf.

SG: Werewolf, and I would exclusively hook up with wolves so that when I change, they’d be like, “Now we’re talking!”

SG: Oh. The blood, for sure!

KH: That was a surprise, I love it!

SG: I’ve been in the hospital so much, so it’s kind of comforting in a weird way.

AS: To drink your own blood?

SG: Yeah, why not? I don’t wanna sleep upside down! That’s probably gonna be bad for me.

KK: Well, it’s like drinking your own blood because it’s all gonna go to your head anyway.

AS: So maybe it’s like, every day I know I’m gonna barf blood but then I’m gonna sleep really well. You were right.

SG: Right? See!

KK: Graveyard, graveyard, graveyard.

SG: Graveyard. And I’d be very respectful of those around me.

KH: I’d sleep in a graveyard. Actually, it sounds very relaxing to me.

SG: Zombie apocalypse! I love zombie movies.

KK: We could handle a zombie apocalypse, that’s not even an issue.

AS: Are you guaranteed to survive it?

SG: It’s not “Details: You’ll also survive everything.”

AS: I’m saying if there’s any chance I’m going to get attacked by zombies and turn into a zombie, I might choose no music.

KK: There’s only 723 movies. Like, we just have an instruction manual out there already on how to handle zombies. There’s a whole TV show.

AS: But a lot of those movies end with most of those characters as zombies.

KH: Except for a cute couple and they’re gonna start and family and that’s gonna begin again the human race.

SG: Yeah, I could be that!

KK: That could be you Selena, that could be you…

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